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We are clearing our CD stock, as we transition to mp3 downloads.
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INSIDE YOUR HEART  ( Ruth’s most popular album, focusing on Song of Songs.  Featuring ‘I Will Dance with You’)
WHO IS THIS? VOL 1 ( featuring “There is a Sea of Glass” and ‘Who is This?”)
ALL I NEED ( featuring “Jesus,You are All I Need”)
JOY IN THE NIGHT (featuring “Maranatha”)
DEEPER (Psalms set to music)
ORATORIO TEREZIN  (2 discs. Poetry of Chilcren from the Holocaust, with the scriptures.  Was performed at Carnegie Hall, New York)
I REMEMBER (Violin and Keyboard. Recorded in Israel for Holocaust Survivors)
HEARTBEAT ( Unique instrumental featuring violin and percussion with keyboard)
THE EXPLOSION INSIDE  (Collaboration with Alberto and Kimberly Rivera)
Film :BETWEEN HEAVEN & EARTH – Revealing God’s Heart for His People Israel (Filmed in Israel with Ruth Fazal with Gil Pentzak)



We are living in interesting times as far as the way that people are choosing to listen to their music.  Definitely a transitional time.

There are those who never buy anything anymore….they just do the ‘streaming’ thing for a fraction of the cost. By the way, this is terrible for the recording artist!!  It becomes impossible to even make enough money to cover the cost of making a recording, unless you are selling in the millions!! Consequently, the quality of recordings will inevitably  becomes inferior, as artists are forced to cut corners, in order to make recordings financially viable)

There are those who are happy to download mp3 files. This is definitely fast and convenient. However, there is a great reduction in the quality of what you are hearing when you compress a ‘wav’ file into an mp3 file.  Personally, I notice this especially when I listen to my orchestral recordings….there are literally things that you don’t hear, whenall the sounds are compressed into an mp3 file.   Just saying!

Then of course you have some ‘enlightened’ people who are saying  ‘enough with all this!!’ and they are returning to the old vinyl recordings. I was in a store the other day here in Israel, and the whole store was full of new vinyl recordings!!  People are beginning to realise what they are missing by listening to the inferior mpd3 quality, and they are wanting to return to that ‘hi-fi’ quality, and the warmth of the analogue recordings.  It seems that some people are still looking for that kind of quality, at least for listening at home.


All of this, for me and probably for many recording artists, has put us into a time of transition, and it is very hard to predict where it will end up.  This is creating a dilemma.  In what format should I continue to offer my music?    We are experimenting with various things right now, but I am definitely moving towards using USB/Flashdrives as a way of offering several recordings of my music in one place. Over the coming year or two we will be phasing out all my CDs, and probably using USB/Flashdrives. Each flashdrive will reasonably priced, and will hold several recordings, and these will be grouped in various catagories. – Worship- Soaking- Classical- Instrumental etc.
These will be so easy to use. Hours of music for you to listen to in your car, where usually there is a USB port.  You can insert a USB into your desktop, laptop computer, or even into your TV!. The files on the USB can easily be imported into iiTunes or whatever mp3 player you use and then you have it on your smartphone.  Endless possibilites.

The question right now is how to ‘present’ these USBs in a way that is pleasing, and that will give you the same kind of information ( words etc) that you get when you buy a CD.  Still working on that!