Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 10.11.20 PMIM EMUNA is an Israeli non-profit organisation that was established by Ruth Fazal in 2018, with it’s focus being the communication of God’s heart for His People Israel through music and other forms of artistic expression, as well as through the building of meaningful relationships between Christians and Jews.

Show your support for Israel by enabling IM EMUNA to fulfill its mandate to inspire faith and hope. We live in an extraordinary time in history, where we are seeing how God is breaking down the walls of two thousand years of separation. The time has come for us to walk alongside one another in a new era of honour, love, and respect for one another.

IM EMUNA exists to provide a means of showing love and support of Israel through various artistic expressions, and to invite Christians to come on a journey into the heart of God for His people Israel.

Inspiring Faith and Hope through the arts
Building bridges
between the Jewish and Christian community

In Hebrew “Im Emuna” (עם אמונה) means ‘with faith’
Faith is at the heart of all that God has called Ruth Fazal to do
in Israel and for Israel.

Inspiring Faith and Hope through the arts
(in Israel and worldwide)

  • Public concerts in Israel.
  • Private concerts in local communities, schools, and for small groups including holocaust survivors.
  • Artistic involvement with community events in Israel.
  • Worldwide tours, leading worship and sharing with Christians about God’s heart for His people Israel.
  • Creating recordings and films with a Jewish/Hebrew focus.
Building bridges between Jews and Christians

IM EMUNA sponsors all “NOW” events
led by RUTH FAZAL –
Christian & GIL PENTZAK – Orthodox Jew.

NOW in Jerusalem ( No Ordinary Week in Jerusalem)
A week-long tour for Christians visiting Israel.
Tours takes place in the Fall and the Spring of each year.

NOW to the Nations
Tours, conferences and individual meetings that take place outside Israel.
Write to us at

NOW evenings for Christian groups visiting Israel. Worship and Conversation with Ruth Fazal (Christian) and Gil Pentzak (Orthodox Jew)
Opportunity for interaction.  Write to us at

NOW Online
Online interactive Torah and Tanach study courses.
These are ongoing, several times a week.
If you would like to join us for a session, please write to us at 

Ezekiel Out of Exile

The main cultural project of IM EMUNA for 2019/20 is a musical work by Ruth Fazal – “EZEKIEL Out of Exile” which is a re-telling of the Prophet Ezekiel’s vision of the Valley of the Dry Bones. through music written for choir, orchestra and soloists. This will be performed live in Israel in 2019/20.
In the meantime, an exciting and creative film presentation of the piece is currently touring Israel. during 2019 in order to raise funds for the live performances. If you would like to donate to this exciting project you can do so by donating to IM EMUNA.

Im Emuna is a registered Israeli non-profit  #58065942

When you make a donation to IM EMUNA – you are supporting Israel

Please donate directly to the bank account of IM EMUNA

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