Established in 2018, Im Emuna is an Israeli non-profit organisation with a twofold mandate 

Building Bridges between Jews and Christians


Inspiring Faith and Hope through the Arts

~ IM EMUNA invites Christians to come on a journey of discovering the land of Israel from a Jewish perspective and the history of the Jewish people as we read in the Bible.  Through the support of IM EMUNA, Ruth Fazal joins forces with Gil Pentzak (Orthodox Jew) as they present ZION NOW  The goal is to model a relationship that demonstrates walking alongside one another as Jew and Christian without an agenda.

~ IM EMUNA  provides the means of showing love and support of Israel through various artistic performances, concerts etc.
The main cultural event for 2019/20 is EZEKIEL OUT OF EXILE

Through your donations you will be enabling IM EMUNA to fulfill its mandate and you will be helping Ruth to do all that she feels called to do in Israel, to inspire faith and hope. We live in an extraordinary time in history, where we are seeing how God is breaking down the walls of more than two thousand years of separation. The time has come for us to walk alongside one another in a new era of honour, love, and respect for one another. 



The main cultural project of IM EMUNA for 2020 is a musical work by Ruth Fazal – “EZEKIEL Out of Exile” which is a re-telling of the Prophet Ezekiel’s vision of the Valley of the Dry Bones. The music is written for choir, orchestra and soloists. EZEKIEL will be performed live in Israel in November 2020.
Watch this trailer of the exciting and creative film presentation of EZEKIEL Out of Exile : which will be shown together with the live performance.
This film is currently touring worldwide and in Israel, as a preview of what is to come, and in order to raise funds for the live performances in Israel in 2020.
This is a very big production, and requires much funding. If you would like to donate to ‘EZEKIEL OUT OF EXILE you can do so by donating to IM EMUNA and you can specify your donation to be specifically for EZEKIEL. If you wish to give a general donation to ‘IM EMUNA’ then you do not need to specify what your donation is for, and it will be used for whatever is needed at the time.