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ORATORIO TEREZIN by Ruth Fazal was first performed in Toronto, Canada in 2003,  at two sold out Premiere performances.   Two successful tours followed – first to Europe and then to Israel.   At all of these concerts Holcaust were welcomed as honoured guests, and the impact on people’s lives was tremendous.  The concert in Tel Aviv on May 5th 2005 was chosen by the city to be the main cultural event of Holocaust Memorial day in that year, and the 3;000 seat hall was packed. Amongst the audience were over 800 Holocaust survivors. 

It was extraordinary to see the ways that God moved during these tours, and wonderful to see the financial provision for each tour. 

Then came New York. Carnegie Hall.  It seemed that God opened up the way for the concerts to take place,  just as He did in Europe and Israel.  But…at the end of it all, there was a big financial shortfall.  That was in 2007. Since then, Ruth has been carrying the burden of that debt.

Ruth Fazal’ s latest composition ‘Ezekiel Out of Exile’ will be performed in Israel in the Fall of 2021 in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa.  Going into these performances with the Oratorio debt still hanging over Ruth’s head is something that should not be!   Let’s get this debt paid off, so that Ruth can go forward boldly and confidently.  
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All donations will go directly to paying off the shortfall. We will be so grateful to see this cleared.