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To all of you who have supported EZEKIEL Out of Exile thank you so much!
The recording was completed in September 2017, and is completely paid for, thanks to your generosity.
In the summer of 2018, Ezekiel Out of Exile was created as a unique ‘music film’, which  is available for screening. If you are interested in hosting a screening,  please contact us at
The film is also paid for, thanks to the generosity of so many, who gave freely to make it happen. Thank you!

Now is the time to begin a huge push for significant financial support. We are calling on all those of you who would like to see EZEKIEL move on to the next stage – live concerts in Israel, with choir, orchestra and soloists, together with the film and dance. This will complete the vision that Ruth has, to see this work heard and experienced all over Israel. Please give generously.   We are in need of approx. $400,000 US.  
Please let others know about this need.


 CANADIAN RESIDENTS  (Tax receipts will be issued )


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