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As a worship leader and singer/songwriter with over twenty CDs, Ruth has travelled extensively across North America, Europe, and Israel. Her deepest desire is to see the body of Christ enter into a truly intimate relationship with Jesus. Ruth honours and loves the prophetic, and feels an urgency in this hour, for us to be awakened to the purposes of God. Ruth says: “Listening for His voice is the most important thing for us to be doing. I believe that there is a realm that the Lord wants to bring us into, in which we will begin to see with a ‘Kingdom of God’ perspective. I feel sure that it is on God’s heart to bring us there, and in that place, for us to come to a greater understanding of who He is, and of who we are in Him. It is time for the Church to be functioning as real citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. This is what I am giving my heart to! I want to learn how to live that way”

Ruth as Violinist

Born in England, Ruth Fazal began her musical studies on the piano and the violin, attending Dartington College for the Arts, before going on to graduate from the Guildhall School of Music in London. Further studies on the violin took Ruth to Paris, France. Since emigrating to Canada, and living in Toronto, Ruth has performed with all of the major orchestras in the city, as well as being actively involved in many chamber music ensembles. Ruth is currently concertmaster of four different orchestras in the Toronto area, and thoroughly enjoys her musical life in the city. Ruth also uses her skills on the violin to create a place for people to enter in to the presence of God. The ‘Songs from the River’ series are ever popular, finding their way not only into people’s homes, but also into prayer rooms, healing rooms, doctors offices and therapeutic massage clinics and spas. This soothing instrumental music touches the hearts of all those who listen.

Ruth as Composer

Ruth has composed several compositions for orchestra and choirs, the most well known of which is Oratorio Terezin. A composition for choirs, soloists and symphony orchestra, Oratorio Terezin weaves poetry of children from the Holocaust together with the Hebrew scriptures, to portray God’s heart in the midst of suffering. Performances in Canada, Europe, Israel and the USA have brought much hope and comfort to many people. Oratorio Terezin was chosen to be the main cultural event in Tel Aviv, Israel on Holocaust Memorial Day in 2005. The US debut of Oratorio Terezin was at Carnegie Hall, New York City, in February, 2007.
The Seven Last Words of Christ – for orchestra, spoken voice, and violin solo is a meditation through music, using the final statements that Jesus spoke from the Cross. The music , together with poetry provides a place for a powerful encounter with the Lord in the place of His suffering and sacrifice.
Awakening – A Symphonic Vision is written for symphony orchestra and choirs. This piece invites us to engage our imaginations as we hear the sound of a distant trumpet, awakening us to the urgency of the hour in which we live. The Trumpeter calls us to come away with Him, and through the music we are then ushered into an entirely new realm until finally, in the place of worship, we become aware of the sound of all creation groaning. In the midst of this groaning, God’s voice sings out: “Comfort My people! Speak tenderly to Jerusalem”


Ruth Fazal- Violinist, Worship Leader and Composer, currently lives in Jerusalem, Israel.

Ruth loves the prophetic, and sees all that she does, whether playing or singing , to be a means of expressing the heart of the Father to a world that is in so many ways, crying out to see Him and feel His Presence. Ruth continues to lead worship wherever she is invited, always with the focus on Intimacy with the Father through our Beloved Jesus.

Ruth’s composition for orchestra and choirs, Oratorio Terezin marked a turning point in Ruth’s life. Premiered in 2003, Oratorio Terezin is based on the poetry of children from the Holocaust combined with portions of the scriptures. This was the doorway that God opened up for Ruth to enter into His heart for His people Israel. Oratorio Terezin has been performed in Canada, US, Europe and Israel, always with many Holocaust survivors in attendance. Ruth loves to play her violin over Holocaust Survivors in Israel. “He will rejoice over you with singing; He will quiet you with His love” ( Zeph.3:17)